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One or three steps to the admission to the GrowHow ® partnership

(A) To become a non-commercial GrowHow® partner, f. e. to participate as an artist in Studio b or in the video production From the Dead to the Living®, you need nothing more than fitting into the team.

From the Dead

(B) To become a commercial GrowHow® partner

(1) You become a I-Club member. As a I-Club member, you get 1 Book of Life ® free of charge.

(2) You read the Books of Life ®.

(3) You pass the oral exam. As a commercial GrowHow® partner, you have permission to sell the Books of Life ®, to incorporate them into your own events, to participate in GrowHow® exhibitions and GrowHow® projects and perform your own formats on behalf of GrowHow®, I-Club, Front Spectral ®, Studio b, You are the Integral Re = public ® and many other integral formats successfully.

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For questions and to get more information please use the form or contact our office by e-mail or phone.

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