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There are many great moments to give free gift. Give free gift by e-mail or, stored on a USB-stick, personally.

Habitus 2019 yeah

                        40 pages

Habitust Rückseite 2019 yeahh

Reading 1 Who are we?

Reading 2 Elegance and fate

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orient 5

Template accompanying text for your gift to the lucky people of your choice

I could choose only one person to give this gift, and this person is you.

As unique you are as a friend / human being / sweetheart / companion / my great love / soulmate to me as unique is this booklet, which I would like to share with you. Thank you for the unforgettable moments of fulfillment / joy / love / fun / we have been sharing. May you always be remembered at us, when you think of this little book.

george m grow, global mind, kattia watson


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